Christene Skidmore

Years at NGFS: 2

Education: B.S. in Textile Science, North Carolina State University

As Chris begins her first year as the NGFS Admissions Associate, she is “looking forward to all the energy and excitement the students bring to the campus.”

Chris did not begin her career in education, but instead first worked in the textile industry and then as an Outreach Consultant for Right Management. When asked what interested her in working at NGFS, she said, “My oldest son attended NGFS and had an amazing experience! The teachers, the programs, the field trips, are just a part of what makes NGFS a unique place to be. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful community.”

Most of Chris’ time is taken up with the soccer games, cross country meets, and band performances of her two sons, Benjamin and Harrison. Chris enjoys walking her rescue dog, Sam, and swimming. She is married to Scott.