Ellen Kjerkegaard

Years at NGFS: 1

Education: BS in English and Psychology; Masters in Liberal Studies; Florida Institute of Technology - English as a second language; Orange Coast College, CA - Psychology; UNC - Greensboro - English and Psychology; UNC - Greensboro - MALS

Ellen has previously worked as a teaching assistant and language tutor in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with an international women's support group in Dublin, Ireland.

She began working at NGFS as a substitute teacher and leaning about Quakerism immediately makes her feel like this was the perfect school for her. She has also believes education, love, and kindness to be essential parts of a path to a better world. 

Ellen's interests include working with clay and she has been doing pottery for over 25 years. She also loves reading mysteries and watching Danish documentaries and new shows. Ellen has four kids and is also hosting a student here at school from Beijing, China.

While working with refugees in Copenhagen, her daughter Sofia and her, taught a group of women newcomers to Denmark how to ride a bicycle.  It was a great experience to connect with women who were very different than her, doing something other than language. They laughed a lot together - both when they failed and when they succeeded!