Erik Beerbower

Years at NGFS: 7

Education: B.A. in design from SUNY Buffalo

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Creativity is important to me, guiding students to help them find their creative voice is one of my main reasons for becoming a teacher. The other main reason is that teaching kids about art is equally as important to teach kids to be artists.

What three characteristics are most important for an effective teacher?

  1. Being passionate about what you teach.
  2. Inspiring those you teach.
  3. Always seek to better yourself as a teacher.

Why were you drawn to NGFS? What aspects of the school spoke to you?

Service, freedom to build my own curriculum, and the committed staff and leadership that makes our school great.

What are one or two things that you are excited about this year in your classes or in the school environment?

  • Stability in our leadership structure.
  • Positive student and staff morale.

Teaching is a hard job with long hours and a lot of planning, grading and after-hours work needed. What keeps you inspired and energized to teach year after year? How do you re-energize yourself outside of the classroom?

Watching my students grow into artists inspires me to teach year after year. I energize myself outside the classroom by continuing to create my own artwork and spending time with my family.

If you were having a conversation with yourself in your first year of teaching, what advice would you give?

Work harder on classroom management.

Is there personal or professional accomplishments you are proud of you would like to share?

My contribution to Greensboro’s art community.

My contribution to making communities a more creative place through my artwork.

Having a loving and supportive family.