Hollis Connor Gabriel

Colors of Healing:
paintings, scarves, dresses and other accoutrements
3724 Watauga Drive
Greensboro, NC

In 2015, in response to overwhelming grief I started to paint and collage. My sorrow became beautiful colors and patterns and I was able to let go of my sadness while I created joyous, spontaneous, intricate paintings. By chance, I discovered the adventure and fun of having my “work” put on scarves and then leggings, dresses, tote bags and other accoutrements. Although I carry a heavy heart it is lighter when I wear my art and it makes people smile and talk to me.

My art is inspired by my 24 years in New Orleans, nature, my travels and artists like Klimt and Hundertwasser. It stimulates the imagination and tells unique stories to each viewer. I hope one day to share my love of the process of creating pieces with others who suffer and those who think they aren’t creative.