Pattie Midgett

Director of Information and Enrollment Management

Years at NGFS: 21

Education: B.S., University of North Carolina at Greensboro; CompTIA A+ Certification, Guilford Technical Community College; Net+ Certification, Guilford Technical Community College

After so many years at NGFS, Pattie still gets excited each year about meeting new families and staff members. However, there are some aspects of New Garden that never change for Pattie. She says, “We have a very strong community at NGFS. People genuinely care about one another. As a staff we are always working to be improve the school experience for students and parents. I am particularly proud of this community's mission to be inclusive of all and to embrace diversity as a great strength.”

Pattie’s hobbies include cooking and crafting. She especially enjoys upcycling (“turning recyclable materials into something else”). She is married to Dan and together they have two daughters, Lilly and Amelia, and a daughter-in-law, Jenny. Not to be forgotten, two cats, Melissa and Montana, are a part of the family.