Phyllis Sharpe

Phyllis Sharpe is an award-winning artist whose work reflects the beauty of the natural world. Growing up on a farm in Guilford County NC, she was always drawn to the out-of-doors. Her fondest memories are of open spaces of pasture land and fields along with the flowers of her mother’s and grandmother’s gardens. Hopes and dreams were born under the blue-grey dome of the sky above. Her love of water came later through life's journeys with her beloved husband Frank; whether at home on the lake or vacationing at the beach, that energy captivated and inspired her imagination. Frank's death in 2001 became a catalyst for Phyllis’s creative expression on canvas. It was only then that she first picked up a brush. She was fortunate to have studied with several accomplished teachers, among them Keith Rose, Carl Dalio, Anne Blair Brown, Mary Gilkerson and Wayne Epperly. Her work touches the hearts of the viewer by capturing moments of life’s beauty.