Tracey Bouchard

5-6 Teacher

Years at NGFS: 17

Education: B.S., Guilford College

Tracey, a fifth and sixth grade teacher, enjoys working in a community as supportive and encouraging as NGFS. She also loves that “we [the teachers] are able to take advantage of teachable moments to inspire our kids and bring out their curiosity and love of learning.” New Garden has been a part of Tracey’s life for many years. Before becoming a teacher, Tracey worked in New Garden’s Extended Care and Summer Program.

With each new school year Tracey cannot wait to see how the sixth graders will step into their new leadership roles. She says, “They [the older students] offer our new Galaxians ‘veteran advice’ about the ins and outs of Galaxy.”

Tracey is very involved with Project Racing Home where she volunteers, and works to “place retired racing greyhounds in loving forever homes.” She also enjoys geocaching and baking. Tracey is married to Jeff Bills, the Director of Auxiliary Programs, and has a large family of pets. She currently has two greyhounds, Mickey and Awesome, and a mutt named Piper. Her three cats are named Olli, Yoda, and Walter.